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Oklahoma Gun Laws

  Open Carry: Open carry allowed for anyone 21+
  Duty to Notify Law Enforcement: Upon request of an officer you must supply a valid form of identification but are not obligated to inform the officer of your firearm or permit upon contact.
  State Parks: Concealed Carry is legal in accordance with state laws that regulate the right to carry
  Restaurants Serving Alcohol: Those with valid CHLs may carry into any establishment "where the sale of low-point beer or alcoholic beverages does not constitute the primary purpose of the business."
  Firearms at Colleges: Concealed guns allowed only in locked cars in parking lots
  Firearms at K-12 Schools: OK Permittees may have loaded handguns in the vehicle only.
  Church Carry: Churches act like any other private property and may restrict
on a church by church basis
  Hotels: No legal restriction - Reference article on page 67
  Magazine Capacity Limitations: No restrictions
  Suppressor Ownership: Lawful
  Vehicle Possession Without Recognized Permit: Any firearm can be transported in a vehicle so long as it is unloaded and in plain view.
  Firearm Law Uniformity: Uniform throughout state
  Permit Training Requirements: Complete a firearms safety and training course and demonstrate competence and qualifications with the
type of pistol to be carried by the person as provided in Section 1290.14 of this title, and submit proof of
training and qualification or an exemption for training and qualification as authorized by Section 1290.14 of
this title
  Non-Resident Permits: Only military and spouse may apply as non-residents
  Constitutional Carry: Yes, to be effective Nov 1 2019 law allows residents and non residents 21+, or 18+ and in the military, to openly or concealed carry without a permit
  Duty to Retreat: No Duty to Retreat
  Places Off Limits: 1. Any structure, building, or office space which is owned or leased by a city, town, county, state or federal
governmental authority for the purpose of conducting business with the public;
2. Any courthouse, courtroom, prison, jail, detention facility or any facility used to process, hold or house
arrested persons, prisoners or persons alleged delinquent or adjudicated delinquent, except as provided
in Section 21 of Title 57 of the Oklahoma Statutes;
3. Any public or private elementary or public or private secondary school, except as provided in subsection
C of this section;
4. Any publicly owned or operated sports arena or venue during a professional sporting event, unless
allowed by the event holder;
5. Any place where gambling is authorized by law, unless allowed by the property owner; and
6. Any other place specifically prohibited by law

B. For purposes of subsection A of this section, the prohibited place does not include and specifically
excludes the following property:
1. Any property set aside for the use or parking of any motor vehicle, whether attended or unattended, by a
city, town, county, state or federal governmental authority;
2. Any property set aside for the use or parking of any motor vehicle, whether attended or unattended,
which is open to the public or by any entity engaged in gambling authorized by law;
3. Any property adjacent to a structure, building or office space in which concealed or unconcealed
weapons are prohibited by the provisions of this section;
4. Any property designated by a city, town, county or state governmental authority as a park, recreational
area, or fairgrounds; provided, nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to authorize any entry by a
person in possession of a concealed or unconcealed handgun into any structure, building or office space
which is specifically prohibited by the provisions of subsection A of this section; and 5
5. Any property set aside by a public or private elementary or secondary school for the use or parking of
any motor vehicle, whether attended or unattended; provided, however, said handgun shall be stored and
hidden from view in a locked motor vehicle when the motor vehicle is left unattended on school

There are more exceptions and details than we can list here. Research for greater details.
  Resident Permit Reciprocity:
  State Contact Info: Oklahoma B of I
6600 N. Harvey
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
  Permit Issuing Authority: County Sheriff
  Length of Permit Validity: There is a 5 year and a 10 year option
  Permit Application Process: Complete the application along with required documentation and fees. Submit to county sheriff.
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