Ex Breaks In – Woman Shoots Him in Self Defense

Last Sunday, an Oklahoma woman shot an ex-boyfriend who physically assaulted her inside her apartment.

Oklahoma News 4 reports that around 4:00 AM on Sunday, February 27th, a man entered his ex-girlfriend’s apartment through a window.

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Yukon Police Department Deputy Chief John Brown said:

Our understanding is that they had been in an argument that evening. She was not expecting him. And when he did arrive and broke into the residence through the window, she was alarmed and that’s when he had began physically attacking her and yelling at her. He was physically attacking her with his hands and had thrown her to the ground a couple of times.

During this physical attack, she was able to produce the handgun that she had in her possession and then she fired the one shot.

Medics transported the 23-year-old man to the hospital, where he died of a single gunshot wound to his stomach.

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Deputy Chief John Brown went on to say:

…we don’t know what his intentions were, but we also understand that he physically broke into the house. And any type of situation like that, that’s not normal type of behavior – and in her own residence, she has the right to protect herself. We do understand that she exercised her defense mechanisms in order to save herself.

This incident seems to be a pretty good example of a legally justified use of deadly force, from what we know. I hate to be a negative, old codger, but something the Deputy Police Chief said bothered me. He said:

…and in her own residence, she has the right to protect herself.

Now it’s entirely possible he added that line about being in her own residence” because of the specifics of the case. My ears happen to perk up when I hear a distinction like this because gun-control advocates have a hard time understanding that the right to self-defense doesn’t end at our doorstep.

If this man is willing to slip into her home and assault her, would he not be equally willing to do it while she was out in public? Of course, he would. And this is where I deviate from some other concealed carry proponents.

While I advocate training and knowledge as responsible gun ownership, I oppose concealed carry license mandates. If this woman couldn’t afford the license or class fees, couldn’t get one in time, or lived in a ‘may issue‘ state, she wouldn’t have the ability to defend herself with a firearm once she left her home.

If you are not prohibited from possessing a firearm, you should be able to carry that firearm with you for self-defense without needing to ask a corrupt political class for permission.

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  1. Guy Blew on March 2, 2022 at 11:02 pm

    I agree with your assessment of a person’s right to carry even if they can’t afford the ccw train and fees for the Che. Our constitution doesn’t imply we need any kind of permit to carry or by a gun. It comes down to two things.
    1- another government tax.
    2- away of tracking those who have a gun.
    These permits make it easier for government gun confiscation.

  2. Jobert Ronson on March 3, 2022 at 1:09 am

    Back to the basics: “Shall Not Be Infringed.” IF you have to have a license, that part of the 2nd Amendment has be circumvented. When the Bill of Rights was passed, there were NO restrictions as to what armament a citizen could own: canons if you’ve got them. There were no caveats intended or implied. Leftists have been trying to get rid of the 2nd and confiscate your guns. What does that make of the people in this country: With firearms, we are citizens: NO firearms guess what we becoome: SLAVES !!!!!!! Chose carefully which way you travel.

  3. Douglas Green on March 3, 2022 at 11:37 am

    That’s what happen to Ukraine, They don’t have enough guns and ammo to protect themselves, or their families, or their country. When you depend on someone else to protect you, that’s when you end up behind the eight ball. The young lady have the right to protect herself. She made the right choice. You only have seconds to react when you are being attacked.

  4. Tony on March 3, 2022 at 10:22 pm

    Well said. Though other than the specifics of the case, the deputy chief could have been further emphasizing the legality of her actions under Castle Doctrine law and the evidence of intrusion. Outside of the house, there may not have been as much evidence of self-defense. No reason to assume he’s has carry rights in mind rather than legal justifications.

  5. Tommy J Sheffield on March 5, 2022 at 12:38 pm

    Oklahoma is a Constitutional carry state.

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