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Woman Fatally Shoots Attacker

A man was fatally shot after he attacked a woman in Tulsa on Tuesday.

Tulsa PD received a phone call from a woman saying she had shot a man at least once after he had attacked her.

The woman then told police where she was and where she had placed her gun.

Detectives began to unravel the details surrounding the case. On review of surveillance footage, the two could be seeing struggling vigorously with each other.

Police say the video shows the woman break away and try to run away, but the man jumps on her back. After fighting a short time longer, she pulled her gun and fired into the chest of her attacker.

Cpl. Ritter of the Tulsa Police said of the video footage of the shooting, “ It looked like this female and her friend were leaving the store, They struggled for a little bit, She broke free,  the attack was reengaged, and at that point, the suspect falls to the ground, and that’s where we assumed she shot him.”

She then left the scene and walked back to her apartment nearby, and where she placed the phone call to police to report the shooting.

“Officers arrived to find one black male just off of the street who looked like he had at least one gunshot to the chest.” Ritter said. The man was then taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Alyssa Morgan, who was in the area at the time, said she had just been told by her 9-year-old daughter that she’d seen two people fighting, when she heard the gunshots.

According to Morgan, she and other bystanders attempted to stem the flow of blood, but then started CPR when they realized he wasn’t breathing.

Tulsa PD said they interviewed the victim and then released her until the investigation was completed.

Officer Ritter said that it doesn’t appear that the victim is trying to hide anything due to her full cooperation.

“It’s not like she was doing it and trying to get away. She did it and called us and said she did it.”

You never know when a trauma kit will be needed. Its good to have at least a simple one nearby, even for non-self-defense purposes.

What lessons do you think can be learned from this self-defense shooting? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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