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2 Tulsa Men Kill Each Other in Domestic Dispute

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) reports being dispatched to the 18900 block of West Wekiwa Rd at around 8:00 p.m. Thursday night for a concerned citizen who’d discovered a bleeding woman in the yard of a nearby home.

Spokeswoman for TCSO, Casey Roebuck, said in a statement about the call,

“He was taking his trash out to the curb, and he saw a woman bleeding, lying in front of this home,” Roebuck said. “She’d been shot.”

Medics arrived after police swept into the scene and transported the wounded 42-year-old woman to Tulsa Hospital where she remains. No reports yet on her condition, but police say she is expected to survive.

Meanwhile, police approached home with caution because they did not yet know where the shooter was, or how many.

Once inside, deputies found the bodies of Douglas Dick and Ryan Huff. Both men had been shot multiple times and the interior of the home looked like a war zone.

“There were bullet holes everywhere,” Roebuck said.

TCSO detectives say they are confident the men killed each other and are not searching for another shooter,

“Investigators believe 46-year-old Douglas Dick shot his wife as he entered the home. Dick then began shooting at 43-year-old Ryan Huff.
Huff then retrieved a gun and began shooting back at Dick. Both men died during the gun battle inside the home.
The female victim was taken to an area hospital, where she is expected to survive.”

Information on the reasons for the triple shooting are muddled but seem to agree that Dick was an ex of some kind of the hospitalized woman, and Huff was her current boyfriend.

Huff was employed as the Principal of a nearby Bartlesville Public Schools middle school, which said in a statement:

“The Bartlesville Bruin family will mourn the death of Ryan Huff,” said school officials in a statement. “Ryan became the Assistant Principal at Central Middle School in 2007 and was named its Principal in 2011.

He led the school through a $12.1 million restoration and during his tenure the school earned Reward Status from the Oklahoma State Department of Education and was named a Great Expectations Model School for three consecutive years.

Ryan was named the Director of Athletics and Activities in 2017 and resigned the next year to go to work for Oklahoma Connections Academy in Bartlesville. He will be sorely missed, and his family members will need support from their many connections in the school district.”

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