OK Man Halts Domestic Violence with Gun

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Tulsa Police Department (TPD) reports being called to a residence located near E. Admiral Pl. and S. Garnett Rd. at around 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

By the time officers arrived on scene, the alleged victim of the shooting had already made his escape in a white van. While other patrol units searched for the van, officers questioned bystanders and those involved in the shooting.

Investigators learned Jawane Mason had gone to the home in order to continue an assault against his domestic partner, which he had started earlier that day.

The argument that caused Mason to fly into a rage stemmed over the quality of some marijuana, and officers were told Mason attacked his female partner with his hands and a picture frame before finally strangling her.

The woman was able to escape and fled to another home in an attempt to get away. Mason continued to make threats against her on Facebook before driving to the home were his victim sheltered. He attempted to force his way into the residence to continue the assault, damaging the front door as he did so.

The homeowner told Mason to leave and threatened to shoot him if he continued, causing Mason to turn and run out into the front yard. But suddenly, he turned around and charged back towards the front door.

Jawane Mason. Photo: Tulsa County Jail

The homeowner fired a shot a Mason but missed. Mason dropped to the ground where he was held at gunpoint by the homeowner until the driver of Mason’s getaway van jumped in and was able to extract Mason from under the gun of the defender.

Both suspects sped away but were quickly apprehended by TPD officers.

TPD spokespersons say there are no charges planned on being filed against the homeowner who had the gun legally and was well within the rights of the law to defend himself and the victim. Mason, however, was charged with felony domestic assault, attempted first degree burglary, and threats of bodily harm.

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